Exceptional gift for your father

Looking for a gift for your father? What better gift is there than spending time as a family creating memories together?

We recommend you to give your father the Owls Experience

The Owls Experience is an exceptional gift for your entire family. Stania, the park director, will guide you through this transforming adventure. Not only will you learn interesting things about owls, but you will also have the opportunity to feed and fly them yourself.

Why is the owls experience a perfect gift for your father?

Personalized gift for father

Time together

Give your dad what he appreciates most: spending time with his family.

Gift for fathers

Memories for life

Stania will take photos and videos that will remind you of this special moment.

Father's day gift

Just you

Only one family participates in each session. You will receive 100% personalized attention.

The Owls Experience has many other benefits

Mind-blowing experience

To experience firsthand how an owl flies towards you and lands softly on your hand is a fantastic experience.


Teamwork is required to overcome the challenges involved in flying the owls. You will be amazed at what you can do if you work together.


All together and each one by himself you will learn to trust each other. You will be surprised to discover the strengths within you.


You will help in the daily training of the animals. They need it for their well-being. The price of this activity goes entirely to the animals.

Give an exceptional gift to your father this year.

  • He will love your originality when you give him the gift voucher.
  • You will have 1 year to choose the day for your visit.
  • On the day of the owls experience your father will enjoy himself to the fullest šŸ™‚
  • The photos will make him smile remembering the owls experience you all had together in the moments he might need to brighten up his day.