Experiences with animals for teens

Regala experiencias con animales a adolescentes

Experiences with animals for teens

Spend quality time with your sons and daughters
and make memories for lifelong.

Surprise your daughter or son with a unique experience. Give him and her the gift of an exceptional adventure of meeting with wild animals accompanied by a specialist in wildlife.

experiencias con animales

Animal Experience

The beneficiary of the gift will choose the animals he or she wants to meet. You will enter their facilities and have direct contact with them under the guidance and supervision of the founder of our wildlife refuge.

Duration 1 hour

Price per family, groups of up to 5 people: €60

You can enrich the animal experience with a private guided tour at the refuge.

Duration 1 hour

Price of the private guided tour €50

experiencias con animales

Owls Experience

An exciting experience during which you will learn to work together as a team and trust each other in order to overcome the challenge: yourselves will make the owls fly.

Duration 1 hour and a half

Price per family, groups of up to 5 persons: €120

Owls experience for a large group

If you want to come with more people, they can accompany the experience as spectators comfortably from the seats of the amphitheater.

Price: €200 per group, participants included.

experiencias con animales

Falconry Course

A whole day with your family in a natural environment learning about birds of prey is an extraordinary gift that you will remember for life.

Private falconry course

Give a day with 100% personalized attention just for you and your family.

Price: €360

Gift a shared experience

In a group of a maximum of 5 participants, under the guidance of our director, the teen will be in direct contact with birds of prey. He or she will learn to feed them, carry them on the hand and make them fly.

Participant Price: €120
Price for accompanying person: €20

Give a gift with heart

Turn the person into a godparent of a animal of the refuge.

Benefits of godparents

Godparent certificate

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Free guided tour all year long

€10 discount on Animal Experience

experiencias con animales salvajes para adolescentes

Give the gift of an exciting adventure with wild animals