Gift voucher return

Devolución de dinero

Return of gift vouchers for reasons beyond the organisation’s control.

First of all: if you wish to get a gift voucher return once it has been purchased, the refund will only be made to the person who gave the gift, i.e. the person who made the payment.

If the cancellation is made during the first 15 days after the date of issue, there will be no penalty. The full amount of the voucher value will be refunded.

After 15 days, 75% of the amount will be refunded, provided that the booking is within the expiry date indicated on the gift voucher.

Finally, once expired, no refund will be made.

Return of the Gift Voucher due to organisational reasons

If the activity does not take place for organisational reasons or due to weather conditions, the full value of the gift voucher will be refunded.

See our purchase and returns policy.