Birds of Prey Show

A gift received with great joy but also curiosity is the visit to the Zoo of the Pyrenees.

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¿Para cuántas personas será el vale regalo?

13 a 77 años
3 a 12 años
0-3 años y más de 78 años

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Habitualmente el nombre de la persona o de la familia a quien quieres obsequiar.


Activities and experiences

You can buy a gift voucher for one activity or include several standard activities as well as private group experiences.

Standard activities

Other visitors will also participate in these activities. The following activities are included in the standard visit:

Guided tour

Guided tour

Adults €9 / Children €6

Birds of Prey Show

Birds of prey flight show

Adults €9 / Children €7

Petting zoo

Petting zoo

Adults €7 / Children €7

Experiences in private groups

If you are interested in a private group experience choose from the following experiences:

Animal experience

Animal Experience

€60 for a private group of a maximum of 5 persons

Owls experience

Owls Experience

€120 for a private group of maximum 5 persons

Animal photography

Animal Photography

€50 for a private group and 1 hour duration. You can extend it up to 5 hours.

How to buy a gift voucher with an open date

  1. Choose the experiences you want to give as a gift. It can be a single activity or you can combine several.
  2. Enter the number of people you want to include in the gift. You can add or remove experiences or the number of people throughout this process.
  3. Are you satisfied with the total price of your gift? Please provide us with the details to personalize your voucher.
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Full-day experiences

Please go to the specific page to purchase the Gift Voucher for the full day experiences.

Falconry course

Falconry course

Participant €120
Accompanying person €20
Private group €360

Nature photography course

Nature photography course

Participant with camera €60
Participant with tablet or cell phone €30
Accompanying person €12
Private group €435

Buy a gift voucher for a specific day

Please follow our guide on how to buy a Gift Voucher for a specific day and purchase tickets on the following page: