Gift of Sponsorship

Giving a gift of sponsorship of an animal that has been the victim of human action is a magnificent way to change the life of a living being. Help a living being!

Exceptional gift for your father

Looking for a gift for your father? What better gift is there than spending time as a family creating memories together?
Give him the owls experience and you will live a unique experience together.

Gifts for children who love animals

Looking for gifts for children but they already have everything? The little ones love animals. Give them the gift of a family experience with the wild animals of the country, an experience that they will enjoy like never before!

Validez de vale regalo

Validity of the Gift Voucher

Which validity do the gift vouchers of the Zoo of the Pyrenees have? Find out about our regulations and the exceptions that will allow you to extend its validity.

Devolución de dinero

Gift voucher return

Not thrilled with the gift you have received? Read our gift voucher return policy.

Tengo un vale regalo

I have a gift voucher

Congratulations, you have received an extraordinary gift from a person who cares about you very much! Here you will find information on how to use your gift voucher.

Grupo cerrado

What is a private group

At the Zoo of the Pyrenees visitors can enjoy a family atmosphere and personal attention. In addition, activities are limited to a single family unit.