Trust | Respect | Cooperation

Give the gift of this transforming experience.

This activity requires teamwork. Stania, the park’s director, will accompany visitors on this transforming experience. In order for the owls to feel safe in their presence, they will have to overcome small challenges.

Learn to trust in oneself.

Regalar experiencia búhos a Amigos picto

Believe in their mates.


Without a doubt, participating in the owls experience not only creates unforgettable memories, but will also help them to become better people.

They will be able to apply the values they will learn during the owls experience in their daily lives. If they can get wild animals to trust them, it can’t be much more complicated with people. What do you think of it?

Who can you give the Owls Experience to?

To your couple

Working as a couple with a common goal requires trust, mutual respect and collaboration. These are very important values in a relationship.

To children

The little ones in the family will have the opportunity to show what they are capable of under Stania’s special care.

To your parents

What better gift can you give your parents than to relive exciting experiences together?

Gift owl experience to Friends picto

To friends

Spending time together and living extraordinary experiences forges a better relationship between friends.

Make the Owls Experience a marriage proposal

Contact us. We’ll explain how other couples have done it. So far they have been 100% successful.

How the Owls Experience works

Owls Experience

The Owls Experience is an exceptional gift.

The participants will carry the owls in their gloves, feed them and make them fly. They will learn in an extraordinary way about nocturnal birds of prey and about themselves.

About the Owls Experience

Learn how to carry the owls on your hand.
Participants with the little owl Bombeta and the scops owl Frodo

Development of the activity

  • Introduction
  • Delivery of professional tools
  • They will start by wearing a small owl on their glove
  • Then they will be fed in the right way
  • They will start to make them fly: first from a fixed place to the hand
  • To level up, the owl will fly from one participant to another.
  • Visitors will be able to fly a barn owl without help
  • They will meet an eagle owl in person
  • Finally, they will be able to experience the sensation of making it fly
Give the Owls Experience
Long eared Owl Cleopatra

Owls Experience Schedule

The Owls Experience is available all year round. It is done every day. It lasts 1 hour and a half.

Price of the Owls Experience

This activity is available only for private groups. It costs €120 for the whole group, regardless of whether one person participates or if they are 5.

Tawny owl Casper

Available languages

We can do the Owls Experience in Catalan, Spanish, English or German.


Up to 5 people can participate in each session. Although you can give this experience to one person, we recommend that that person does not come alone. A very important part is the cooperation between the participants. We remind you that the price does not vary if in the experience participates 1 person or 5.

The recommended age to participate is from 6 years. However, we can adapt the experience to all ages of visitors.

How to feed an owl?
Barn Owl Susanna


Birds of prey eat raw meat and therefore participants must touch it during the Owls Experience. If someone dislikes raw meat, Stania will help them.

Participants will be equipped with professional falconer tools and Stania will supervise the entire experience to control animal welfare and visitor safety.

The Owls Experience is a gift of enormous value, not only because of the direct contact with the animals.

It is a transforming experience for all participants.

Are you ready to change the life of someone you care about?