Gift of Sponsorship

Giving a gift of sponsorship of an animal that has been a victim of human action is a great way to change the life of a living being and to do your bit for a good cause.

Benefits for godparents

We place great importance on all the wonderful people who support our mission and care for them with the utmost appreciation and affection.

What does the money from godparents go to?


Each species of animal receives a varied diet as close as possible to its natural diet. They always have access to fresh water.

Predators also receive large bones to clean their teeth or sharpen their beaks naturally.

Veterinary care

Daily monitoring of health status.
Welfare control.
Interventions in case of need.
Exercise and preservation of physical fitness of old and permanently injured animals.


Each facility is individually prepared to adapt to the Ā«disabilityĀ» of the animal that will inhabit it.

They are spacious and allow the animals the necessary movement to ensure their well-being. They are cleaned and checked daily.


We want the animals to have an entertaining life as close as possible to the reality of life in the wild.

Animals requiring personalized attention receive regular training. They learn new things and must overcome new challenges that we propose to them.

Alfonso, a talking crow, is undoubtedly one of the stars of our refuge.

How it works to give a gift of sponsorship

We will not lie to ourselves:

Your donation will not go exclusively to the animal of your choice. There are many inhabitants in the park who do not enjoy the Ā«Gift of Hollywood StarsĀ». But they also need help. Let’s say that the sponsored animal acts as a spokesperson for all the others.

  • Mammals that have an amputated leg.
  • Birds with only one wing.
  • Old or blind specimens.

Consequently, each animal can have many godparents.

Fee for godparents

To become a godparent of an animal you must contribute a minimum of ā‚¬60 annually. You can pay this sum in a single contribution or divide it into 12 monthly payments.

Payment method

On the page of the animals waiting to be sponsored there is a form where you can make the payment comfortably with your card. If you prefer to direct deposit your amount in the bank through SEPA, contact us and we will arrange it. You can also choose between monthly or annual payment. If you want to participate with a higher fee than what is in the forms or if you prefer another way to make your contribution, please contact us directly.

Phone and WhatsApp: +34 610 75 02 24


Naturally you can extend or cancel your contribution at any time with immediate effect by email to

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More than 160 animals are waiting for your help. They are victims of abuse and human ignorance. Participate and make this place a better world for them.