We all like original gifts. Do you know this unsettling feeling when you are unwrapping a gift and you don’t know what’s inside? Imagine that it turns out to be an unexpected surprise, which exceeds all your expectations.

Grand your loved ones an original and fun experience of great emotional value.

Give authentic and unforgettable experiences

Fun gifts for children

Original gifts for teenagers

Special gifts for adults

Authentic gifts for seniors

Why give experiences in the Zoo of the Pyrenees?

Personal experiences with wild animals that you can enjoy nowhere else.

Disposition of gift is immediate. They have 1 year of validity.

You can choose the gift according to your financial disposition. Prices vary from € 7 to € 425.

They are solidarity gifts. All the income from your gift is destined for the animals.

Both you at the time of purchase and the person to whom you make the gift will get 100% personalized attention.

How to buy original gifts from the Zoo of the Pyrenees?