Animal Experience a Gift for Animal Lovers

Animal experience, a gift for animal lovers.

Do you want to give a gift to an animal lover? The Animal Experience is a gift that fulfils the dreams of many people: big and little.

You won’t find it anywhere else in Spain. If you are looking for an amazing gift for animal lovers, this is the gift for you.

It is 100% personalised and we recommend it for all ages. It is up to the visitors to choose which animals they want to come into direct contact with. They will have a wildlife expert at their full disposal.

Details of the Animal Experience

Perfect gift for your boyfriend

How the activity works

  • Participants choose the animals they want to come into contact with.
  • Before entering the animal facilities Eloi explains the particular rules for each animal.
  • Visitors choose the rhythm.
    • They can stay with an animal for the whole hour if they have a particular interest.
    • Usually 5 animals are selected.
    • Sometimes participants want to have a brief contact with a maximum variety of up to 10 animals.
  • They have a perfect opportunity to ask questions and clarify their doubts with Eloi, one of the founders of the Zoo of the Pyrenees.
A gift for little animal lovers.


The Animal Experience is offered all year round, every day. It has a duration of 1 hour.


«Animal Experience» is only available for private groups of a maximum of 5 people. Its price is € 60 per group.


The Animal Experience is available in the following languages:

  • Spanish
  • Catalan
Original gift for a friend

Animals awaiting the participants

Mammals: Fallow deer / Wild boar / Fox / Rabbits…
Birds: Owls / Falcons / Hawks / Eagles / Raven…

Participants choose which animals they want to meet first hand.

Animal experience for adults

Combine it with other activities

You can include other activities in the gift voucher. In this case, please buy the gift on the following page:

Regalo para grandes y pequeños

The Animal Experience provides an extraordinary opportunity to come into direct contact with a wide variety of animals.

It is a perfect gift for children and adults.