The gift of Animal Photography

Animal photography

More and more people are discovering the beauty and tranquillity of nature photography. Do you know one of these people and want to give them an original gift? Giving Animal Photography as a gift is sure to be a hit, they will love it!

They will have a wildlife professional at their disposal and they will be able to choose the animals they want to photograph. The photos that come out of these sessions stand out for their composition and detail.

You can give a 1 hour session as a gift or extend it to a maximum of 5 hours.

If you are looking for an extraordinary gift for fans of nature photography, take a look at the Photography Course.

Animal Photography Information

In this link you will find the complete and detailed information: Animal Photography


Animal photography is available every day of the year. If you want your guests to have peace of mind during the session, we recommend that they come during the week, when there are no crowds of visitors.


Animal Photography lasts 1 hour, but you can give up to 5 sessions in a row. It is our experience that time passes very quickly for the photographer. Often only 3-4 animals can be photographed in 1 hour, as photographers take advantage of the controlled conditions to try out different compositions.


Each session costs €50. For this price, between 1 and 5 people can participate. If you want to give Animal Photography for 2 hours the price will be 100€, if it is 3 hours it will cost 150€.

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You can put a maximum of 5 people. The price does not vary if only 1 or 5 people participate in the activity.


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